Donny Ouyang

Founder at @Rayku (venture funded), @Kinkarso Tech (bootstrapped to $100k rev in high school)

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What I Do

Avid computer nerd trying to make an impact in the world by building awesome companies. Founder at Rayku, Kinkarso Tech. President at Enactus University of Toronto. Previous VP Tech at


Central Canada Student Entrepreneur of the Year (ACE)
Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year - High School (EO)
Speaker at M.I.T. Global Startup Workshop, Iceland
Canadian Representative at G20 YE Summit, Moscow

Ten Teen Entrepreneurs To Watch (TechCrunch)
Top 10 Under 20 (Vancouver Magazine)
7 Technology Wonder Kids (PC Magazine)
Ten Admired Teens (American Library Association)
Most Inspirational Entrepreneur award (EarnersForum)

What I'm Looking For