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Donde Jobs : Screenshot
Donde Jobs : Screenshot
Donde Jobs : Screenshot
Anthony Nicalo
CEO | co-founder @Donde. University of Michigan Debate. Former Michelin experienced Chef.
Fabien Allanic
CTO | Co-founder @Donde Advisor @echojs

Donde shows shoppers with high purchase intent where to find goods and services. Today we do that through a mobile locator service with tools to drive retail sales. Built for marketers, it helps them connect with their site visitors looking to buy in a retail location. We do that through a best-in-class user experience directly integrated into a brand or retail chain's existing site, working across mobile, web and Facebook. Donde analytics give our customers location intelligence and specific store popularity indicators. We're adding promotional placements, like contextual ads, offers, and coupons inside of the locator to help drive conversions.

We're getting traction with larger paying customers, including Louisville Slugger, LasikPlus and Kroger. We can continue to grow to profitability organically. $1.2 Trillion of retail sales follow a mobile path to offline purchase and the locator is our trojan horse into a network of high purchase intent shoppers.

Why Us?

Our mission is to make it easy for people to find the things they want. Whether you are looking for a new craft beer, a handbag you saw in a magazine or trying to track down that particular flavor of soup your kids like, it shouldn’t take hours of your time.

Dónde is a best-in-class store locator designed for a mobile experience and enhanced with tools to drive retail sales. Spurred by the growth of mobile, the company has grown from a side project to help people find specific products at grocers and restaurants into a platform for location as a service.

Built for mobile first, Dónde helps marketers show people where to find their products. With 30% of website traffic coming from mobile devices and 82% of mobile shoppers actually making their purchases in a physical location, it’s crucial for marketers to provide a seamless experience between the digital and physical world.

Vancouver, Cincinnati
1-10 employees
$1M Seed in 2014
$165k in 2013
Mobile, SaaS, Location Based Services, Bridging Online and Offline

Donde Jobs

Software Engineer
$75K – $95K Salary
0.1% – 1.0% Equity
Full Time · Vancouver
Account Executive
$45K – $60K Salary
0.01% – 0.05% Equity
Full Time · Cincinnati


Tim Kopp
Tim Kopp
CMO @ExactTarget (largest SaaS Marketing IPO; $2.5B sale to @Salesforce) Digital Marketing vet of @Procter & Gamble & VP Interactive @The Coca-Cola Company.
Promoboxx, Glio, SproutBox, addvocate,, TinderBox, Co-Ed Supply, Donde, BrightFunnel, Ahalogy, Captora, Olympia Media Group, Ahalogy
JB Kropp
JB Kropp
Strategic Partnerships @Twitter, Co-Founder of Brandery
SmartyTags, Vine Street Ventures, FlightCar, REPP, Co-Ed Supply, Learnmetrics, Donde, Ahalogy, ShopStoree
Vine Street Ventures
Vine Street Ventures is a fund dedicated to investing in internet and mobile businesses.
ChoreMonster, Roadtrippers, RentShare, CrowdHall, FlightCar, REPP, Co-Ed Supply, Learnmetrics, Donde, Ahalogy, TapFit, ShopStoree, Sqrl
Full Stack
Full Stack
A full stack of talent + tools + capital. Angel-stage investing & services special blend.
Contractually, QuoteRobot, WealthBar, Donde,, Input, CommandWear

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