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eSports is a massively growing market and DOJO is perfectly positioned to capitalize on that growth. We're a no bullshit team that gets things done and more than anything else wants to build a product that solves real problems eSports players face every day.

What We're Building

Passionate gamers at heart, we are eSports veterans building next generation tools for gamers to master their play. Our technology-driven products solve the biggest issues facing the gaming community everyday. Harnessing the power of the latest innovations in machine learning, our team has created a set of sophisticated tools including LOLSUMO, the ultimate companion app for League of Legends.

We do it from Berlin, the European epicenter of startup culture, and the coolest, most livable city on the planet. Hype or not, there is a reason Berlin continues to attract the most creative talent from all over the world.

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Open Positions


Jens Hilgers
geek, gamer, treehugger. Entrepreneur in Esports since 1997
Kalie Moore
Head of Comms at @BITKRAFT Esports Ventures and portfolio companies, including @DOJO Madness. I write about the Berlin startup scene at
Anne Becker
Tech savvy, passionate about travel and sustainability, seeking opportunities in People Development, HR and Exploring.
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Our Investors

Paul Heydon
Co-Founder @London Venture Partners, • Worked at @Commerzbank, @ING Barings • Investor @Unity Technologies, @Supercell, @Peak
Alyse Killeen
3X VC & Elsevier Author; Founder @cityfellowsco & @womeninventure; #VCinResidence @xrclabs at #Parsons; STEM past PhD-dropout; ROOTING FOR UNDERDOGS & OUTSIDERS
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