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Docurated is a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform that unlocks the best content and provides an innovative and useful way to turn all of your content stored locally and in the Cloud into actionable resources to be viewed, manipulated, and managed in a very aesthetic and visual manner.

Knowledge workers waste untold hours searching for content that exists somewhere in the depths of their company's file repositories. Often they end up having to re-create it from scratch. Docurated provides a layer over existing file systems, enabling you to quickly and easily surface, reuse and collaborate on your most relevant content. The applicable use-cases run across the various lines of business - anyone who produces and uses content can benefit.

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Alex Gorbansky
Docurated is a cloud based productivity tool with a simple, visual way to find, organize, and consume relevant insights for companies inundated with information
Ryan Cooke
Founder @Docurated • Studied at @Stanford University
Adam Duston
VP Product Development at @Docurated
Dan Catomeris
Enthusiastic and adept Account Manager -- have worked in almost every non-technical area of SaaS business, ensuring 120% customer renewals.
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Our Investors

Jim Kaplan
Managing Partner @CHASELLA. We have been honored to work alongside some of the most dynamic individuals and game-changing companies across the United States.

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