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DocTalk (YC W17)

Android Engineer at DocTalk (YC W17)

Bengaluru · Full Time

At DocTalk, we are constantly improving medical outcomes and changing how people take care of their health in India. Our product works across platforms and we’re looking for engineers with deep understanding and experience with all parts of the stack to join our team! We’re YCombinator (both F3 and W17) and Khosla Ventures backed.
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Job Description

At DocTalk, we’re working hard to revolutionize patient care while improving doctors’ lives. We’re improving medical outcomes and changing how people take care of their health in India. Our product works across platforms and we’re looking for engineers with deep understanding and experience with all parts of the stack to join our team.

What are some examples of problems a software engineer will solve?
Shipping valuable features requires close coordination between devops, database, API, frontend, and mobile workstreams; DocTalk engineers commonly pair and rotate focus between these responsibilities. We consistently work with new technologies, and thus value professionals who are open to learning new things, regardless of pre-existing comfort zones. DocTalk software engineers might solve any of the following problems:
• Write cloud functions in TypeScript
• Ship new features for the mobile apps using modern languages like Swift and Kotlin
• Integrate 3rd party services and data pipelines to drive underwriting decisions
• Build and maintain a codebase downloaded more than 50000 times
• Triage bugs and exceptions reported in production
• Create intelligent monitors for key customer experiences and risk-relevant events
• Automate daily accounting and financial statements for the company
• Measure and optimize API performance
• Conduct system load / stress tests

How does our process work?
• Short technical exercise to understand your technical skills
• Phone conversation about past experiences, things you like to do
• Live coding session based on relevant problems from DocTalk’s domain
• In-person visit to our office in Bangalore (we cover expenses) for half a day of pair programming.
We aim to circle back to you with feedback within 7 days of any given step in this process.

You will fit well if
• You are results-oriented and enjoy shipping new features
• You are hungry and enjoy being constantly challenged to learn and do more
• You embrace conflict of ideas and like to question the status quo
• You learn fast and easily adapt to changing situations and priorities
• You believe in building great products and doing great work by international standards
• You want to understand the big picture, to be held accountable and make a meaningful contribution with your work

Relevant Experiences
• Modern languages for mobile development (Kotlin)
• Functional programming concepts (especially in Kotlin and Java)
• Reactive extensions (RxJava)
• Memory management
• Unit tests, instrumental tests
• MVVM and MVI architectural patterns

• Competitive compensation package, including opportunity to earn equity ownership in DocTalk
• Flexibility to choose your own custom setup (computer, monitors, OS, etc.)

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What We're Building

DocTalk allows you to easily connect with your doctor and skip the hassle of an in-person visit. Users can chat with their doctors, obtain prescriptions and share new reports with their doctors – all from the comfort of their home or on-the-go!

Remember those days when you had to wait for hours at the doctor’s clinic just to be able to have a 5-minute follow-up? With DocTalk, those days are long gone.

No longer carry files filled with papers and reports - have it all on your phone! Chat with the doctor to get prescriptions directly through the app.

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DocTalk (YC W17) Team

Vamsee Chamakura
Founder @DocTalk (YC W17), CS Undergrad from @IIIT, Hyderabad
Krishna Chaitanya Aluru
Founder @DocTalk (YC W17) Studied Computer Science @Brown University
Vishesh Vadhera
Android, Design Patterns, Java, Retrofit, Dagger, Butterknife, RxJava2, Mockito, Espresso, Node.js/Express.js, AWS
Jay Mistry
UX Consultant, Full Stack Designer, Building @Crive • Ex-Head of Design @Embibe • Worked with @Innov8 @Testbook, @LimeTray, @Tapzo (formerly Helpchat)
Ajay Mann
Launched INUNITE (, Masters Degree in CS, iOS Developer, Udacity's iOS Nanodegree Student. Self learned photographer.
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DocTalk (YC W17) Investors

Immad Akhund
Now: CEO, Founder @Mercury & seed investor, Was: PT Partner @Y Combinator, Founder @Heyzap (Acquired by @Fyber). Investor: @NURX, @Rappi, @Embark, 50+
Paul Buchheit
Partner at YCombinator, Founder of @FriendFeed, Creator of GMail
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