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Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area · Full Time is a blockchain based AI platform that enables deep learning computations on quantified biology to develop personal health insights and predictive models.

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Job Description is a blockchain based AI platform that enables deep learning computations on quantified biology to develop personal health insights and predictive models. Train your own AI for personalized health insights and to help accelerate research. is available on the App Store and on the web

We are building a consumer-controlled, decentralized and secure health AI platform. The users choose who, when and how long to share their medical data via the Doc.AI app.

We are looking for a senior software engineer to join our growing team.

As a senior software engineer, you will be responsible for ensuring our backend services are feature complete and support our mobile and web clients. The scope of your duties (but not limited to) include the following:

- Architect, design and develop on several of our backend services including - Ontology, importers, model building frameworks, Transient learning platform and more
- Implement API services required to power the features in the mobile and web applications
- Provide support as required for our applications and other infrastructure pieces
- Work on data modeling, and help to get to a high level of HIPAA compliance with other engineers and director of security
- Implement security and infrastructure pieces as required
- Work with the CTO to ensure good development practices are implemented (code reviews, pull requests, design reviews etc)
- Contribute to our open source initiatives as required
- Identify your key metrics (reliability, performance, availability, etc) and hold yourself accountable towards it

- Significant experience building and shipping applications to production.
- More than 4 years working on a large-scale application
- Expert understanding of distributed systems
- Expertise in the following languages and frameworks: Nodejs, Python, Javascript
- Expertise in relational databases (like MySQL/Postgres) and NoSQL technologies (Mongodb, Redis etc)
- Significant experience using AWS and Google cloud. You are familiar with several of the key technologies with these providers
- Good understanding of security, and cryptography
- Team player that works well in collaborative situations and start-up environments
- A Computer science bachelors degree (or equivalent) is required

Nice to have:
- You understand health data / genomics / wearables data
- Startup experience including having experienced scaling the startup
- Understanding of Blockchain technologies
- Experience working and contributing to open source projects

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What We're Building is a blockchain conversational AI platform that performs deep learning computations on quantified biology to develop predictive analytics and personal health insights.

Our technology is designed to provide patients with a robo-doctor that guides them to collect their full biological profiles and receive insights based on their data. At the patients-user's discretion and via a crypto wallet, the data is structured to be shared with AI researchers and data scientists to work on new predictive models. With its first customers on board and the use of the blockchain technology to timestamp its datasets and decentralize its AI, well positioned to bring unmatched benefits to patients, providers and payers.

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