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AI on quantified biology for personalized health insights and predictive models. is a blockchain based AI platform that enables deep learning computations on quantified biology to develop personal health insights and predictive models.

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What We're Building is a blockchain conversational AI platform that performs deep learning computations on quantified biology to develop predictive analytics and personal health insights.

Our technology is designed to provide patients with a robo-doctor that guides them to collect their full biological profiles and receive insights based on their data. At the patients-user's discretion and via a crypto wallet, the data is structured to be shared with AI researchers and data scientists to work on new predictive models. With its first customers on board and the use of the blockchain technology to timestamp its datasets and decentralize its AI, well positioned to bring unmatched benefits to patients, providers and payers.

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Anthea Chung
Financial Executive with senior management and public auditor experience in domestic and international public and private companies.
Akshay Sharma
CTO • Previously - head of product/engineering @Human API, @Ensighten
Kartik Thakore
Software & BioMedical Engineer; Full Stack and Product Developer; Seasoned Entrepreneur in Health Care/Wellness industry
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Brad Bao
Managing Partner at Kinzon Capital (Fosun Group), ex-General Manager of Tencent US branch (8 years); Internet expert of both US and China market
Joey Krug
CoChief Investment Officer @Pantera Capital • CoreDev @Augur • • @Joey Krug's Syndicate • CS @Pomona College dropout• @Thiel Fellowship 20 Under 20

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