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On-demand power network. Portable chargers at your favorite locations.

We're a small group of passionate individuals who like to dream big, and we're looking to make this world a better place.  For fun, we grab food as a team, play computer games (Civ and Starcraft), and bike & hike around SF.  Our team's culture ensures that you'll make a meaningful impact on  Doblet's direction & future, and you'll build some strong friendships along the way.  We've also got 3 dogs in the office -- dog-friendly is a plus!

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What We're Building

Doblet is changing the way you use your smartphone.

Battery life is the single biggest problem we have with our smartphones. Surveys rate it as a bigger problem than the next three issues combined. It’s the one feature that matters most (more than web access) – yet 80% of us charge our phones every single day, and a third of us 2+ times a day.

Most of us don’t take our chargers everywhere we go – we find ourselves planning around charging, borrowing others’ chargers, and always running low. Even when we bring chargers, we’re constantly on the hunt for that elusive outlet.

Enter Doblet. We’ve built a network of super-portable chargers that fully charges your phone in under an hour, wherever you happen to be. Whether you’re at your favorite bar or restaurant, on vacation at the beach, taking part in a startup conference, or even doing jury duty, we’ve got you covered. Just ask your bartender or concierge for a Doblet, plug it into your phone, and get back to doing what you do best.

Open Positions


Doktor Gurson
Co-founder & CEO @doblet & @Bitmule. Previously Founder & CEO @LifetimeHost (acquired by MD Web) & @@Com Technology(managed by GoDaddy).
Jeff Chang
Co-founder & CTO of Doblet. ER radiologist, started med school at age 16. MBA from UCLA Anderson, worked in VC & PE, graduate studies in AI at U. Edinburgh.
Rego Sen
Founder, CTO of @DemandVille • Team Member of @doblet • Author of Cookbook For Nerds • Studied at @Massachusetts Institute of Technology, @Stanford University
Calvin Chang
Bizdev, sales, marketing, & market research • Works at @doblet • ex @LRW @Southwestern Advantage • Studied at @Berkeley
Alex Hu
MBA in Marketing. Social and extraversion as sales, analytical and observant as marketer. Hardworking and detail-oriented. Bilingual of Mandarin and English.

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Our Investors

Jeff Clavier
Managing Partner at @SoftTech VC (one of the original micro-vcs, before it was fashionable ;). Invested in 180+ companies in 13 years. And really loving it.
Filipe Almeida
Snapchat Security Engineering
Charles Hudson
Managing Partner @Precursor Ventures , Venture Partner at @SoftTech VC (with @Jeff Clavier), BD roles @Serious Business (now part of @Zynga), @Google, and Gaia Online
Jeff Schox
Patent Attorney. Stanford Professor. First investor @Twilio. Early investor @Cruise Automation.
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