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Platform to fractionalize home ownership

At Divvy, we believe that homeownership is an important wealth creator for individuals, and a vital part of our economy. However, over the past decade, buying a home has become increasingly difficult and a tremendous financial obligation. We think that fractionalizing home ownership is the solution to this problem. Read More

What We're Building

US housing affordability has been an ongoing problem and it’s getting worse. Rising rents, rising home prices, stagnant incomes, and stricter lending rules have made it difficult for buyers to pay off student loans and save for down payments. Young families are seeing their dream of homeownership escape them.

Divvy makes homeownership more accessible for young families, by allowing renters to purchase a fraction of a home (fractionalization) via a rent-to-own contract. Rent-to-own is not new, but has traditionally been a very predatory industry where the landlord’s knowledge of pricing and contracts have allowed them to take advantage of the renters. Divvy’s rent-to-own program is designed to change that. In the Divvy program, a buyer will put 2% down, then pay a monthly amount that includes both rental and equity payments. The equity portion will buy back more of the home overtime. Divvy has purchased homes in Seattle, Cleveland, and Atlanta, and will be expanding to more areas soon.

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Jobs at Divvy Homes

Divvy Homes Team

Adena Hefets
Founder @Divvy Homes • Worked at @Square, @DFJ , @TPG Capital
Brian Ma
Founder @divvyhomes, @Weave, @Decide • Worked at @Zillow, @Microsoft • Double majored CS/EE at @University of Washington
Alex Klarfeld
Co-Founder / Engineering @ DivvyHomes
Nicholas Clark
Founder/CTO @ DivvyHomes, CTO @DoubleDutch, Microsoft & Cornell Alum
Steven Ellis
Data scientist with six years experience at Uber and Google. One of first 10 data scientists at Uber.
Jennifer Donegan
Product Marketing, Customer Success, and, Account Mgmt.
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Divvy Homes Investors

Raymond Tonsing
Working hard @ Caffeinated Capital. Family, cycling, & caffe. Investor @Affirm @Airtable @Color @Docker @Opendoor @Sapho @Virtahealth @Wish

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