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Track website changes and get alerts

We are a team of enthusiastic engineers building products that automate the web. Here is a quick video about one of our products, Web Monitor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye2O8Qejbtc Read More

What We're Building

Distill tracks websites and notifies on changes. Monitor full page or get accurate notifications by monitoring parts of it. Imagine if you wants to buy latest GPU on newegg.com but is out of stock. Simply add the product to Distill and get an alert when it is back in stock and be the first to buy it.

Some of the ways to use Distill are.

- Get price drop and stock alerts for items from any e-commerce website
- Monitor competitor websites to know when they make changes and stay ahead
- Get notified when a company's name is mentioned in social media
- Monitor bitcoin, stock and forex rates.

Distill works with all websites and is available as a web app, browser extensions and mobile app. Browser extensions are the most popular way to monitor websites. You can monitor websites that require login or is only available in intranet too. So set your imagination on fire and start distilling the web!

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Jobs at Distill

Distill Team

Raksha Chandra
Founder of Distill. Building world's best web monitoring and automation platform.
Tushar Sinha
Software developer competent in building products using javascript and developing scalable and consistent postgresql architechture.

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