Customer Success Specialist at Dispatch

Boston · Full Time
Why work at Dispatch? Sweet perks, for starters: Uber credits, gym passes, hardware allowances, weekly happy hour, team lunch and dinner events, flexible time off, world-class health and dental coverage, and more. Read More

Job Description

Dispatch is looking for our next great Customer Success Specialist to help in our quest to provide VIP support to our customers. When we say VIP we’re talking we-make-Nordstrom-feel-like-the-DMV style support fit for a European diplomat; we mean we’ll-put-on-a-tuxedo-and-hand-deliver-gourmet-pizza-on-a-diamond-studded-platter-in-the-middle-of-the-night style support (we’ll not really, but you know what we mean).

-- Success is Much More Than Support --
Customer Success Ninjas are equal parts marketers, teachers, designers, community managers, and support agents. The Dispatch Customer Success department is a proactive team that ensures our customers get the most out of Dispatch— everything from teaching users how to use an iPhone, to writing technical support articles, to educating users on industry best practices that will improve their business, to sending mass emails about product updates. And all that is before you've had your gourmet coffee in the morning.

-- What We Look For --
• You are a master communicator with the ability to interact with customers in writing and over the phone
• If you don’t know the answer, you know where to look and who to ask
• You are a patient teacher
• You have a passion for helping and empowering others
• You can quickly identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot problems
• You are tech savvy
• You are a curious, self-motivated, and hungry team player

As one of the first few Customer Success hires, you’ll have the opportunity to mold the role to fit your passions and strengths, as well as to grow with this burgeoning team.

Interested? Send us your info and we’ll setup some time to chat.

What We're Building

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