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Full-stack developer at Dimbomedia

Russia · Full Time
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Job Description

We launch new startup in Gaming and Blockchain.
1. Transfer of keys and goods from WEX (Opskins) to your account on the site
2. Deposit on the site by crypto currency (BTC, ETH)
3. Purchase of keys in the service through the account of the campaign
4. Opening of cases. The fascinating mechanics of getting goods
5. Simple chat
6. Admin panel
7. Purchase PRO account or get it for opening cases (25 pieces)
8. Race for the discovery of cases. Leaderboard
9. The system of collecting goods. Bonus system
10. Scandinavian auction system
11. Analytics of discoveries, sales

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What We're Building

We have more than 3 years of experience growing and maximizing affiliate programs for top brands. We use industry-leading processes and procedures to expand the affiliate programs we manage on behalf of our clients.

Dimbomedia Team

Dmitriy Boshenyatov
Worked at MGcom, Rocket10