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Fastest Growing South Asian Matchmaking App

What We're Building

Dil Mil is the fastest growing matchmaking app for South Asians, disrupting the broken arranged marriage model and solving the privacy & quality concerns with existing outdated solutions.

Our vision is to empower the world to find love by building the best matching technology and product experience for each high-affinity vertical market.

Under the hood we are solving one of the most complex real-time search & match problems using proprietary machine learning algorithms. We're using technology as our competitive advantage by truly quantifying human emotion, as we believe technology will solve the problem of finding love.

Team volleyball tournament! Always bring your a game.
Peter & Jacob. Straight Swag.
Dil Mil Speed Dating Event with AIF
Dil Mil is the fastest growing matchmaking app for South Asian expats. We have the opportunity to help hundreds of millions of people make the most important decision of their life.
The new office in the heart of Soma, San Francisco (across form Cal Train station).
KJ Speaking at Startup Weekend!
Lalit's Bday! Cake Cake Cake.
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Open Positions


Sukhmeet Toor
Founder and CTO @Dil Mil. Engineering Manager: Outlook for Mac @Microsoft. Studied at @University of Toronto. 10 years experience shipping world-class software.
Aditya Vikram
Motivated and enthusiastic programmer who wants to develop new technologies to help the mankind.
Mudit Dawar
VP @Dil Mil @BlackRock & @Ernst & Young alum, growth engineering, sales, product analytics, data-driven marketing
Yonge Li
@UWaterloo Math, currently iOS Dev. Ex-iBanking @BNP Paribas,
Lalit B
Senior Engineer at Dil Mil. Leading Backend Engineering and Infrastructure.
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