Dhruvkaran Mehta

I make things people want.

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What I Do

I'm excited when I see a problem. Then I create ideas and from ideas come things. Then I ask and ask till people tell me how the thing works well and how it sucks. Then I go make the thing better and hope people like it a tiny bit more.


I have a fair bit of dynamic range across the tech stack.
Resume: http://dhruv.github.io/resume/

At Google, I worked on some related search heuristics that improved 5-6% of all search traffic, launched a trends product served off the Google home page in Asia, and worked on an ad-serving system that served tens of thousands of dynamic display ads every second.

Built the entire infrastructure stack at Getaround ground-up. This includes a geo-temporal search index serving in < 15ms and a zero-downtime migration system on top of Google App Engine's schema-less datastore.

More recently I've been exploring full-stack product development and customer development with Outbound.

From 2009-2010 I lost about 95 lbs -- that's probably my largest personal achievement so far.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking to grow Outbound into a business that helps our customers send better, fewer messages to their users while increasing their lifetime value.