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Web-based infrastructure platform for data acquisition, transformation and integrations

Dexi is an early-stage startup and joining our team means taking part in defining the company culture, infrastructure and product roadmap. Dexi has its engineering office in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark and the commercial office in London, UK. Read More
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What We're Building

Dexi provides a platform for leveraging cloud-based data from websites, APIs and data streams connecting it with the many data-processing services available from e.g. AWS, Azure and more, finally delivering a human-consumable data feed. We call it the Data Operating System (dOS) and our goal is the provide access to the best tools and data sources for data analysts and scientists all over the world in the cloud-first generation of software.

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Obviously being a founder I have many reasons why Dexi is my dream job - but one of the most appealing things to me about it is that I am actually part of our target audience - which makes it so much more satisfying to implement that missing feature or come up with new ways of enabling users to do more with less.
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Henrik Hofmeister
CEO, Co-Founder at Love solving hard problems with software and brains.
Jacob Laurvigen
I eat challenges for breakfast and serve results for dinner!
Andres Angulo
Have worked professionally as backend and full-stack developer forever. Have been coding since I was young.
Morten Garbøl Franck
I like lists. And ducks.
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