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We believe the world is a better place when we get the most out of each individual. Software engineers are uniquely positioned to improve the world—one programmer can design products that change millions of lives. /dev/color is building the worlds strongest network that will bring Black software engineers together to help one another grow into industry leaders. The organization ensures that Black engineers fulfill the promise of their talents, transform the industry, and have the opportunity to use their resulting skills and position to give back to their communities. Read More
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/dev/color Team

Damien Peters
Founder @wealthnoir & Product @/dev/color; Former Product Manager @Facebook, @TinyCo, & @Zynga; @MIT Sloan @MBA 2012; Comp Sci & Econ Undergrad.
Cassandra Atira Richards
Worked on Spam at Pinterest. SymSys at Stanford with premed. Background in project management, user experience, and data analysis.
Austin Schneider
Account Manager @/dev/color Former @Tesla Motors Advisor. Recently circumnavigated the globe.

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