Denis Duvauchelle

Founder & CEO @Twoodo. Ambitious entrepreneur with a vision focused on growth and innovation.

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What I Do

Serial entrepreneur (China, Europe) and front-end developer.
Corporate experience in sales. Bachelors in engineering & management and a Masters in economics.


I'm a entrepreneur with a passion in user experience. I launched my first online store during my studies selling tailored suits online amongst others.

With engineering, management and economics as academic background and having some coding experience, I have the skills and motivation to build a rock solid web start-up.

I'm now working on a project that I hold dear to heart, Twoodo, which aims to mainstream and simplify project management and task management tools as well as creating a common platform for the workforce no matter what their expertise is, using natural language.

Key interest:
Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Business Development, User experience,...

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