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We're a high impact company where you will have the power to make important decisions.

What We're Building

Deedmob is the online volunteering platform connecting volunteers, charities, companies, and government institutions to increase collaboration and maximize social impact. We are a tech startup focused on product and technology, founded in late 2016 and have raised an undisclosed amount of funding to date. We currently have over 600 charities using our tools in 5 countries, and corporate clients such as Red Bull, Microsoft, Atlassian and UPS.

While studying at the University of Oxford, Deedmob’s founding team had their aha moment. We realised that volunteering could be the answer to society’s biggest problems: youth unemployment, the aging population, divisions in society and unsustainable business practices.

Deedmob is here to bring about radical changes to the sector by offering tools to activate and manage volunteers, and create an online do-good community to collaborate on solving the biggest problems in society.

We have an excellent team with a positive mission - join us!

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Jobs at Deedmob

Deedmob Team

David Furlong
Effective altruist. Vegan. Likes chess, optimizing my productivity & deep thinking. Open > Closed. Tech + impact = huge opportunity for profit & purpose.
Tycho Onnasch
COO at Deedmob, committed to making the world a better place
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