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Accelerating the world's transition to decentralised protocols.

Decusis is a fullstack organization dedicated to being the ecosystem leader to crypto in Europe. We are here to support and help the European crypto ecosystem thrive by providing knowledge, network and capital.

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What We're Building

In 2008, the publication of the Bitcoin Whitepaper introduced a fundamentally new open source protocol architecture to the world. It was tokenised, decentralised and trustless.

The full ramifications of this design have barely begun to be imagined, let alone harnessed. Over the coming decades, trustless digital networks will re-organise how we create and distribute value, ultimately impacting not just the economy but society and politics at large.

This is nothing less than the opportunity to re-build the foundations of the internet. Let’s make the most of it.

Meetup with Eric Larcheveque, CEO of Ledger, in Paris
Crypto dinner organized in Berlin last January
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Jobs at Decusis

Decusis Team

David Fauchier
Co-founder @ Decusis. I run the 'Capital' side of things, building a fund of crypto funds. Early to Bitcoin, late to Ethereum, trying to catch up ever since.
Thibauld Favre
CEO & co-founder @ Decusis, a Crypto Fund-of-Funds. Co-founder of Previously CEO of Allmyapps, sold to Ironsource in 2014.

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What makes Decusis a unique place to work at?
We pay a great attention to make Decusis a healthy and empowering organization for everyone. We trust each other to work hard, to do what we say, and to say what we do. And we hold ourselves accountable to that. We respect each other’s opinions and are not afraid to engage in open constructive debate. Our style of execution is to take the time to think, make the right decisions and be thoughtful about the things we do. We don’t rush and we don’t hustle; we get to the finish line as the tortoise, not the hare. All of this is possible because we trust each other and cultivate this trust by being open, transparent, reliable and by demonstrating excellence in everything we do. Trust is everything. As much as we try to cultivate trust, we try to avoid ego. Ego is normal and it is ok to feel flattered some time to time (through press, speaking opportunities etc…) but it can become a dangerous addiction and should never drive our decisions or alter our judgement. These values are at the core of the decentralized economy that relies on open-source culture and public ledgers, pushing for transparency at every level and building trust relationship between the participants and the network. These values are at the core of open source culture, upon which crypto is built. And they are also ours.
Thibauld Favre
CEO at Decusis since 2017
What is your office environment like?
Decusis is fully decentralized, we have people working from London, NYC and Paris. If you are in London, Paris or Berlin, people are welcome to work from TheFamily offices. They are great places to work from, socialize and meet amazing entrepreneurs. As a team, we work on Slack and Telegram but get together regularly (at least once every month and a half) in Paris, London or Berlin for team building and to tackle the topics that are best addressed face-to-face.
Thibauld Favre
CEO at Decusis since 2017

Decusis Investors

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