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Available to advise/help fund/lead USA startups > $500k ARR: dcurran at custex dot com. Receiving 50+ Founder deals per week. 2016 A16Z deal: http://bit.ly/2d67xJc and 2017 Greycroft deal: http://bit.ly/2ylWbLB

We selectively fund/favor original USA Consumer Internet or other startups with good bones and little competition like CustEx that lay a solid foundation for a (Unicorn) billion dollars exit within 7-10 years. Not fond of higher risk hardware, fintech, education, government, or healthcare/biotech. Startups must have solid CAGR, $ARR, traffic/DAU's, and/or have proven product/market fit to prove demand to get the most funding. Critical 1st deck slides: monthly bar chart with $ARR Traction, detailed competition spreadsheet, a Killer Team with previous domain expertise/depth.

Recent validation of Midas Touch: We got in Cruise @ $87M valuation, exited 11.5x at $1B six months later, Dollar Shave Club @ $219M, exited 4.6x @$1B one year later, and exited Ticketbis at 1.35x, + many more.

We frequently pass on ICO, overpriced, speculative, theoretical, high risk pre-revenue deals with little transparency and loose budgets. However, we do swing for the fences proportionately on $B unicorn businesses that have traction. Rather than funding everything in sight like some Angels do, we use our many years of wisdom, being in 14 startups as Founder or Executive, and investing in over 114 startups from pre-seed to series D in the last 1.5 yrs. alone to reduce our and your risk.

Investing in startups is risky. Our target potential returns are 100x+, but 80%+ will go to zero, and the time horizon to liquidity is long (10+ years), so kiss the funds goodbye when you invest like Warren Buffet and hope for the best. The odds for a life-changing return are much better than the lottery. Be confident in knowing exactly what our own investment is with any previous position so you can see how strongly we like each deal.

We've led an IPO on the NASDAQ (ULAB), and large tech companies like $16B Western Digital Corp (WDC) - Connex as VP of Strategic Planning, endowed only on those with a natural talent for seeing macro trends before the masses do, and acting COO of WDC-Connex, which gives us unfair access to other leading Silicon Valley Angels and exec's at the Fortune 500 to do distribution deals with or to sell the startups to. Our vision has been long-standing, as we shrewdly advised the WDC CEO in 2001 when they faced bankruptcy at its $2.20/share pivot point. That advice has led to WDC stock recently peaking around $114/share.

We've been at large, funded companies as well as bootstrapping our own ventures lately with an AARRR focus, so we have a sharp eye for entrepreneurs who maximize ROI with minimal resources spent to grow big.

Backing us is a win-win for you, as you can stop at any time and not invest in any deal you don't like. It gives you a favored allocation so you don't miss out on deals and helps us negotiate better deal terms with startups for you.

We hyper-actively network our CustEx business with all of our startups to get more CAGR traction fast.

The $1k minimum lets those starting out get on board, consistent with our equal-access-for-all philosophy that CustEx is built upon. Questions? email us: dcurran at custex.com Welcome aboard!


Since we receive 50+ unsolicited Founder decks a week, we have first dibs on getting you in on the next Evan Spiegel (Snapchat). We will syndicate deals where we try to negotiate equal or better terms than past or present institutional investors. Here's the types of many deals we invested in recently. We've been an angel investor for 22 years now, and have been fortunate enough to found, invest, manage, and advise some great startups, but we also know what mistakes to avoid.

The deals we invest in come from a large referral network of other entrepreneurs we've helped through mentoring and connecting them. We've produced $170M in direct exits from WDC and USLab and have relationships with many other Silicon Valley SuperAngels.

Having only joined AngelList in 2014, we have NOT led any deals yet, but hope to co-lead with top AngelList leads who we vet the best of the best deals with. In 2016, as Allsetnow.com's sole advisor, we were instrumental in their landing multiple vc term sheets and being over-subscribed, and led by A16Z in a $2.35M seed round, followed by their 2017 Greycroft deal: http://bit.ly/2ylWbLB . See our Founder LI recommendations and those on AngelList.

Daniel has been a great member of our syndicates.
Daniel Curran
Silicon Valley Forbes Top SuperAngel #7 in158+ startups. Founder/Unicorn Advisor/Exec. 1 Decacorn/8+ Unicorns. 8x+ TVPI. x-VP@WDC. UIUC,USC. $170M Exits/IPO
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Acquired by General Motors for $1B in 2016
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Acquired in 2017
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Acquired by Sprinklr in 2016
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Acquired in 2017
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Acquired by Sophos in 2016
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Daniel has been a great member of our syndicates.
Daniel is a seasoned executive, well-connected, and the most value-add advisor.

He helped shape strategy for Kriya from many different executive viewpoints.

We are super happy with his time commitment, passion, and the work he pulls through without fail.
Ravi Vadrevu
For Daniel Curran's work with Kriya AI
Daniel has been a very value-added investor. He's made a key introduction for one of our syndicate deals which has gone above-and-beyond his role as a backer. Highly recommend Daniel.
Daniel has provided invaluable advice and introductions for our company. He is quick to respond and a pleasure to work with. I recommend his expertise to any entrepreneur who needs strategic advice and networking.
Dan has been the driving force behind CustEx, where he has been not only responsible for establishing the original vision but also encouraging the team and keeping the momentum.
Daniel has been a great visionary of the team, developing the CustEx Platform from scratch. It syncs real customer demand with what vendors make as a one-stop site that compresses product improvement and development time. He’s a relentless leader bringing power to the masses unlike anything...more
Daniel was the first investor (after our syndicate closed) to reach out and offer support.  He was also the second, and the third.  He thinks about being helpful even when you haven't asked.  You will appreciate having him on your team.
Daniel's knowledge of the entrepreneurial landscape is vast. He is quick with good advice and makes great strategic introductions.
Daniel is a great supporter and gives you sensible and honest feedback. He is the first person to go to bat for you. Super passionate.
James Giancotti
For Daniel Curran's work with Oddup
In spite of the fact that he went to USC, Daniel is a great guy. He is usually the first to respond to our monthly investor updates with questions/advice and is very willing to help out with introductions. Would recommend him to any entrepreneur.
Daniel is very positive and helpful investor. He always does his best to get us more business. He's also a passionate motivator!
Daniel is great investor who is always there to help entrepreneurs in need. Glad to have him as our investor!
Daniel is the best kind of advisor, investor and coach. He peers deeply into the fundamentals of your company, the market, product and competition to surface significant insights and strategies. Daniel clearly articulates risks and challenges, as well as possible solutions. As a technologist,...more
Responsive and great with intros.
Daniel has been incredibally helpful and quick to respond with strategy. I recommend him to any entrepreneur seeking sharp advice and intros to the right people.
Daniel has such a deep experience with CEOs, he guided me straight in the right direction! Glad we met.
I'm glad to have Daniel as a part of our team. He responds quickly when advice is needed and always willing to help.
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