David Weldon

Successful entrepreneur and hacker. CTO @Edthena, former CTO @Sendori (sold to IAC). MBA and masters in computer engineering from @Cornell.

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What I Do

I'm a hacker and an entrepreneur. I use linux. Significant whitespace plays an important role in my life. Meteor compensates for my latency. I reject your reality and substitute my own.


I was co-founder and CTO of a successful ad network, which had an eight figure sale to IAC. Post acquisition, I stayed on and personally rewrote our entire backend, and grew net revenue by 10x in three years,

What I'm Looking For
Ofer Ronen
CEO of Pulse.io. Former CEO of @sendori; sold to @ask-com. Mentor @stanford, @berkeley. Investor in @klout, @rolepoint. MS/BS Comp Eng @UMich. MBA @cornell-university
Robert Hoult