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What I Do

Led the development of over 100 websites since 2003 resulting in 150 million+ page views. Moved to India in 2006 to expand my existing US based internet business and met my present business partner. We founded an outsourcing company which we grew from 3 employees to over 80 in three years.


Completed a PhD in Paleoclimatology from Ohio State in 2009 where I studied the history of El Nino events for the past 1000 years based on ice core records. The field research for this involved spending 3 weeks at 6400m on the summit of Coropuna in Peru.

Moved from the US to India in 2006 and bootstrapped my own business from 3 employees to over 80 employees in a foreign country.

I am an avid traveler and have to been to over 40 countries. I started Touristlink out of my passion for travel. I recently, raised seed funding for Touristlink in both Chile and Kenya and had a chance to live in both these countries.

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