David Johnston

Managing Director @BitAngels DAP Fund, Board Member @Mastercoin Foundation, Founder @Engine. 10 X Entreprenur.

Confirmed Investments · Invests 25,000 per deal
What I Do

I add value by creating the original vision for my start up companies and by building up a talented team that can make that vision a reality.


In 2013, I co-founded BitAngels.co, the first global veteran entrepreneur & angel network investing in Bitcoin.

In 2011, I co-founded Engine Inc. and began assembling a team of talented programmers to build the Alpha version of the software with the goal of automating our digital lives.

In 2007, I founded General Governance to identify locations for the private provision of security, patrol, restitution, mediation, and arbitration services.

In January of 2007, I co-founded Aquatic Energy LLC and located the development and science teams in SWLA Louisiana. Aquatic has developed the world's first fresh water open pond algae system for production of high protein meal & omega 3 rich oil. The company received $7.3 million in investment + $7 million of "in kind contributions" from Strategic Partners.

In 2005, I co-founded Baltimore Biodiesel, by 2006 the company received $6 million in funding to construct the largest biodiesel plant in Maryland (5 MGY of production) still in operation.

What I'm Looking For

Smart, passionate and reliable co-founders, programmers, developers, business partners, advisors, and co-investors.

Chris Orem
Experienced business developer. Passionate about IT, finance, and project development. Entrepreneur. Founded @engine , @Aquatic Energy.
Sean Davidson
Co-founded biodiesel manufacturing business. Worked with several startups in energy industry.
Sam Onat Yilmaz
Executive Director @bitangels-1 Board Member @mastercoin-foundation Product Development and Vision @engine Triple Major('10) & MSE('12) @johns-hopkins-university