Dave Linhardt

Serial entrepreneur 14 years. Currently obsessed with helping entrepreneurs get traction. Founder of @FounderSensei @LegitLead & mentor @Techstars Chicago.

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What I Do

I'm an entrepreneur. I like to follow lean startup principles & customer development. After product/market fit, I like to work on the path to customers and tweak the model until it purrs like a kitten.


Started a business in my house for $5K. Grew it at over 100% per year with 48 months of profitability. Turned around Yesmail in 18 months and created $30MM. Turned around failing division at Experian in less than one year. Developed and launched AT&T digital one rate creating $1.5BN.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a technical co-founder that can commit full time to the project. I'm also looking for advisors that have experience in lead gen or data & analytics.