David Lambert

Managing Director / Founder, Right Side Capital Management (RSCM)

Confirmed Investments · $25K to $100K each
Board Member
What I Do

Operational support & advice (if needed / wanted).

Most seed & early stage startups are limited local sources of funding. We help give your company exposure to a large, national network of next round funders and acquirers.


I have 16yrs experience as founder & CEO of two technology companies. The first, Acorn Computer (small one in SF Bay Area, not the conglomerate in UK), was bootstrapped straight out of college. Company achieved profitability almost right out of the gate and remained profitable for over a decade. The second, WorkMetro, was a more traditional high-growth internet startup. Raised angel & venture capital in years following the dot.com bust and went from 2 to 24 markets in 2 years. Sold to a competitor in 2008.

What I'm Looking For

At RSCM we invest almost exclusively in capital-efficient, seed stage, technology startups. No specific criteria outside of those three.

Seed stage to us is anything from an idea on paper to a developed prototype. Revenue and/or customer traction is nice, but not a requirement.