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The Dark Data Company

Datumize is a high-tech Dark Data startup based in Barcelona. Datumize is simplicity applied to a complex digital world full of data. We are the world's first company aimed at capturing and unleashing the value of Dark Data for enterprises.

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What We're Building

The Datumize Company is the worlds first "Dark Data"​ software company that Captures 99% of all operational Data, Unlocking this data giving you access to analyse core, previously unknown "Dark Data"​. This enables our customers to gain real-time operational intelligence, resulting in higher company revenues, smarter business practice, cost reduction abilities, predictive maintenance measures and 99% more knowledge about key Profit drivers in your business.

From Online to In-store, Logistics to Manufacturing, Energy to Travel and Security to Media, our Datumize Data Collector helps Global Companies unlock and explore huge amounts of "Dark Data"​, at the "Right Time"​ in "Real Time"​ from multiple sources and platforms.

Our Datumize Data Collector integrates with any system non intrusively to capture operational data, offering our clients the opportunity to learn critical in-process data.

Jobs at Datumize

Datumize Team

Nacho Lafuente
M.Sc. in Computer Science. 15+ years in IT sector, working at different tech & management roles. Curiosity and simplicity. I founded Datumize.

Datumize Investors

Angel Garcia
Founding Partner at Startupbootcamp Internet of Things & Data. Founder LANTA Digital Ventures • Studied at @Stanford Graduate School of Business