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Everything Data.

At DataOne our mission is to enable enterprises to reach their ultimate potential in the marketplace through the power of AI. Our team is currently focused on building customer science platform for E-Commerce - We are enabling e-commerce entrepreneurs leverage true potential of data to create Data Driven Marketing Campaigns. We’re looking for versatile, talented individuals who align with our culture and vision to join us in bringing this innovative technology to market.

What We're Building

DataOne was founded in March, 2016 by alumni of DA-IICT and IIT Guwahati. With correct mixture of experience and enthusiasm, DataOne aims to build disruptive data analytics platform to deliver business intelligence using tools and technologies like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial intelligence, Cloud computing and Big Data processing. We're currently working on various use cases including Industrial IoT, Retail Sales, Social Media analytics and logistics.

Jobs at DataOne Innovation Labs

DataOne Innovation Labs Team

Nikunj Thakkar
Founder & CEO, DataOne Innovation Labs | City Lead, Ahmedabad Chapter, Headstart Network Foundation
Parth Shah
Business Consultant at DataOne Innovation Labs | NYU Graduate
Viraj Trivedi
Otaku..JavaScript Wrangler...
Bobby Rathore
Back-end developer for Dataone Innovation Labs | CHARUSAT Undergrad.
Miteshkumar Tagadiya
Software Engineer Intern at Dataone Innovation Labs | DAIICT Post Graduate
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