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Backend Software Engineer at Datalogue

New York City, Montreal, Toronto, Remote · Full Time
We put data into the hands of the people who need it. We're able to do so by solving two key problems for our customers. Read More
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Job Description

You'll be building Scala based technologies which transact data to and from several portions of our stack. You'll work with awesome libraries such as Doobie and Akka as well as play an active role in the evolution of our stack.

If you're interested in Deep Learning part of your work will be to support the deep learning infrastructure that our team is building out.

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What We're Building

Our products help data scientists find the data they want in the format they need allowing them to test hypotheses and experiment at a much faster pace. We strive to completely eliminate the process of wrangling your data by providing pre transformed data to our users.

We combine an extensive catalogue of public data with our users' internal data assets to allow them to seamlessly augment their own data.

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Tim Delisle
CEO of Datalogue ● CornellTech ● Into distributed computing, actor systems, functional programming and making it easy to find data for data scientists