Dario Mutabdzija

Co-founder and CEO @Blueseed, Director Legal Strategy @The Seasteading Institute, business development, legal background in international business transactions

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What I Do

I have co-founded Blueseed. I formulated a strategic vision where I created an entirely new business concept; as a result Blueseed became a globally known company. I successfully handled journalists and the US government officials- such as the US Coast Guard. I have raised funds from venture funds and investors form different parts of the world. I have established numerous partnerships (traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, Mexico) with different types of entities. I have hired and worked with people from diverse backgrounds. My ability to adapt and prosper in a fast paced and uncertain environments has a long history: I literally had to learn how to survive in a war zone as child in Bosnia so startup life is a perfect fit for me.

What I'm Looking For

global enterprises