Dani Fankhauser

Journalist and maker. Lover of books. Worked at Flud, Contently, Mashable.

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What I Do

I've worked with editorial publications and mobile tech startups on audience development & engagement, specializing in data and qualitative research. Find your MVP before you build :)


Applied user feedback to Flud's product development and created community engagement strategies.

What I'm Looking For
Bobby Ghoshal
Previously CEO and designer at @flud, has worked with WPP, @apple, @google, Oakley, Dreamworks. Spoken at NewsXchange, Society of News, Association Media, Ideation Conference.
Erica Swallow
Tech journalist (@forbes, @mashable, @the-huffington-post), digital marketer (@new-york-times, @contently), startup PR (@wehostels), entrepreneur (@deliverish).