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As many of you know, I like to invest in companies that do 2 things:

1) help 20-somethings become "grown-ups" (because that's what I am right now)

2) enable software developers to build more faster, better, and monetized (I was the 1st employee at Twilio and operated the Twilio Fund, a micro-fund in partnership with SV Angel and 500 Startups)

I invest selectively because I'm primarily focused on my own startup, usually doing 2 investments each year with cash money, and the rest with sweat equity. My most recent investment was in Estimote, who I met with prior to YC Demo Day and loved immediately. Traction, founding team, product, all of it.

I am also the founder of a startup that ranks and tracks startups: Mattermark. I use this data plus my relationships with founders to unearth the most promising opportunities I can find.

I will syndicate all my deals which include a cash investment. For deals that are purely sweat equity, AngelList does not currently support $0 basis syndicates but I will actively promote these opportunities where I can.
Danielle Morrill
VP Product @FullContact and Partner @XFactor Ventures LP • formerly CEO/cofounder @Mattermark (acquired), 1st employee @Twilio • independent angel investor
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Boris Wertz
Entrepreneur turned investor. Co-founder AbeBooks (sold to Amazon), early-stage investor through @versiononevc, board partner @a16z. Husband and dad of 4.
Ty Danco
Founder, eSecLending and BuysideFX. Love ethereum, mobile, fintech.
Can help with
“I listen and ask questions. Expertise in Fintech and enterprise sales, happy to review pitch decks/sales materials. Introductions to East Coast investors and...more
Tyler Willis
Founder of @Unsupervised — Investor in companies like @Lyft, @Patreon & @Lambda School.
Can help with
“I founded one of the top companies in the AI space and was exceptionally early (founding employee) at two successful startups — where I ran marketing,...more
Jeff Morris Jr.
Product Manager
Director of Product, Revenue @Tinder. Led revenue team to #1 top grossing app. Investor @Chapter One.
Thomson Nguyen
EIR, @Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers . Visiting Scholar at @New York University. Founded @Framed Data (YC W14, acquired by @Square ).
Andrew Crichton
Founder @Levitate Media Inc 500/5000 2014-2016
Andrew Vranjes
Can help with
“invested in Gils Fund previously. Happy to help where skills are appropriate.”
The world's best developer community manager.
David E. Weekly
Co-advisor of company Danielle Morrill advised
Straight up startup gangsta. 100% recommend her $ and her advice. There's no-one I'd go to before Danielle for community, PR, marketing and goto-market. Not too bad at sales either ;)
Fred Stevens-Smith
For Danielle Morrill's work with Rainforest
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