Business Development and Partnerships at Danale

San Francisco · Full Time
We are a young and well funded startup located in the center of Irvine. We have a small but highly motivated team with members from around the world. We dedicate ourselves to create the world class platform for all Internet of Things devices, like smart home products, wearable devices, etc. Read More

Job Description

- Create business development plan for product sales cycle
- Establish, maintain, and balance good relationships among partners and channels across the globe
- Excellent communication skills
- Good understanding on modern technologies in IoT industry
- Fluent in German or Mandarin will be a huge plus

What We're Building

We're still in stealth mode.

Other Positions


Sharath Rudrapatna Venkatesh
Custom FTP, Custom IP Router, Implemented Network Security Model Implemented Monolithic Kernel. Clustering of Transmitters for simultaneous transmission
Deepak Rawat
USC CS Grad, 4+ Year Experience, Knows Operating Systems Computer Graphics, Multimedia System Design, Computer Networks and Compilers.