Dan Dascalescu

Co-founder & COO @Blueseed, the visa-free startup ship. Ex-Yahoo! software developer and knowledge manager. BsCompSc., CCNA. Founded the @Quantified Self Forum.

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What I Do

Blueseed co-founder&CTO. Founded the Quantified Self forum. Wikipedia contributor since 2006. Open source developer. Ex-localization lead at Yahoo!. Interested in emerging technologies, life extension, transhumanism, social dynamics and cool hacks like beating jetlag in one night without medication.


Co-founded the world's first visa-free floating startup incubator, Blueseed.

Founded the Quantified Self Forum, the largest online community for self-trackers.

2nd place nationwide in Romania's Olympiad in Informatics, twice.

Hacked Christmas by flying on Dec 24 from SF to Sydney, over the international date line, and landing on Dec 26.

What I'm Looking For

Kickass entrepreneurs and awesome startups who want to join the first startup community at sea - Blueseed