Damjan Lampret

Founder Kulfun.com, Beyond Semiconductor, @OpenCores.org

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What I Do

I have 10 years experience as CEO and Founder, and 20 years experience as programmer. I'm typical entrepreneur, working in management roles and in technical roles.


I'm founder of OpenCores.org:
World wide open source community for development and distribution of semiconductor IP cores. The www.opencores.org with about 1mio unique monthly visitors.

OpenRISC / BA:
I've developed my own computer architecture that runs Linux. This included a 32-bit OpenRISC processor and C compiler. Used in Sony Ericsson phones, Broadcom chipset for routers, etc.

CEO of Flextronics Slovenia:
I've brought Digital/SOC semiconductor industry to Slovenia. I raised $2mio, brought Flextronics to Slovenia (sold to Insilica). I served as CEO of Flextronics Slovenia, and managed a team of 40 engineers and sales across Europe.

I'm founder of Beyond Semiconductor:
We developed BA processors (based on OpenRISC).

What I'm Looking For
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