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Creating the future ecosystem for connected logistics

We feel that being the connectivity pioneer and profitable connectivity market leader in the field of commercial vehicles and logistics since 2000 is quite a good point... and yes we're closely connected with our Mercedes-Benz colleagues

What We're Building

Fleetboard offers state of the art telematics services to freight forwarders, dispatchers and drivers. Here at the Innovation Hub, we work on new digital services beyond the existing product portfolio for current customers and markets. These new services and products may include new hardware and mobile/wearable devices, new apps and cloud-based data products. If you have crazy ideas around sensors, augmented reality, robots and smart agents, we'd love to hear from you.

Since we are working on future concepts in a very competitive industry, unfortunately we cannot share more details here.

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Open Positions


Andreas Jaensch
Entrepreneur. P3 automotive. Daimler FleetBoard. Engineer Information & Communication Systems. University of Technology Berlin. University of Berkeley, Cal.
Juha Ristolainen
I am a software leader and technologist with 17 years of professional experience in delivering and building digital services in lean fashion.
Yasmina Haryono
Model thinker, designer, strategist.
Onur Ergin
MSc Computer Engineer with Data Science, Internet of Things, and Telecommunications experience. PhD candidate.
Marianna Recchia
Business Designer, passioned about mobility. Currently at @Fleetboard Innovation Hub Berlin, previously at @Volkswagen
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