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Luc Dumont
Chief Business Officer @Orah
Neil Gladstone
Founder @UPrepNow, CraftFoxes • Worked at @MTV Networks, @AOL, @Dailymotion • Studied at @Cornell University
Valentin Brandt
Designer at @Tellmewhere, Bluekiwi, @Dailymotion
Sandra Albertolli
20 ans d’expérience dans la communication & les médias et le web. Forte expertise : branded entertainment, digital marketing & social média.
John Mirabitas
Founder Stix Digital • Worked at @MySpace, @Dailymotion • Studied at @University of Athens
Devin Shively
iOS Developer with a background in backend web services. Founded Appocracy and created Universal iOS app imgapp for imgur. Currently working at dailymotion.
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