Dali Kilani

Founder @Happdata • Worked at @Zynga • Investor @Savannah Fund, @BeThere

Confirmed Investments · Invests $10-25K per deal
Team Member
What I Do

A technologist with a good product sense. I have an extensive experience starting new ventures.I also acquired operational experience in fast moving environments at Zynga. I like to advise early stage startups and connect them with my large network.


I was among the first 5 employees at PanoLogic where we built the first thin client endpoint for the hosted virtual desktops era. Massive effort that took us from a basic HW prototype to product launch in 6 months. I was the system architect on the team and filed multiple patents in the process.

I recognized the importance of Big Data very early on. With my background in Data Parallel engines at Nvidia, I co-founded HappData which focused on unleashing the power of GPUs into the bigdata sphere. This included working on mapping Hadoop on GPUs in March 2009.

I run the Farmville engineering and operations teams at the highest popularity point of the game (March 2010 - December 2010). I was responsible for ~10K servers at the time. I oversaw record breaking quarters for 3 quarters in a row and delivered daily game releases for months. I introduced a lot of automation and tools that improved team productivity and allowed for a better allocation of resources.