Cyril Ebersweiler

Visionary Punk,founder of @Chinaccelerator, @Haxlr8r & @LEAP Axlr8r ;partner @SOSventures.Most prolific investor in hardware (50+).Sometimes cowork w/ coconuts

What I Do

- Deep expertise in hardware/branding/marketing
- Cross-boarding from a country to another (esp. China)
- Install objective-driven organization
- Attract talents
- Prepare further investment rounds


Cyril is a venture partner at SOSventures and the founder of HAXLR8R (the premiere accelerator program for hardware startups - Shenzhen & San Francisco), China Axlr8r (the first mentorship-driven seed funding program in China - Shanghai) and LEAP Axlr8r (building the future of interaction design - San Francisco).

He is mentoring at Techstars and 500startups, an advisor to the Global Accelerator Network ( as well as a board member/advisor to a few startups including Leap Motion, Orderwithme, Nextly and gTar. He is the most prolific investor in the hardware space (40+) and has invested on every continent.

Speaker at The Pioneers Conference, The New Context Conference, AdTech, MIT GSW, MIT CHIEF, GMIC, GMIC-SV, CESIF, Samurai Incubate, RailsRumble, Nodeknockout, IBM Smartcamp, NUS, etc...

He is the organizer of the 10x10 Conferences held in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as the GENERATOR Conferences (