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What We're Building

Ctzen provides a platform for governments to efficiently collect and process information provided by the community. Citizens’ reports including pictures and Global Positioning System data are received live and handled directly, decreasing emergency response times while optimizing the use of resources. We maximize the use Geographic Information Systems as an intelligence engine for governments. We add real time location and problem data provided by citizens onto maps allowing governments to make the most informed, data driven decisions. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms analyze all incidents occurring in the area in real-time. The platform uses the data provided to guide the public official on what course of action to take and when, maximizing the positive impact. We use data such as pictures, video, citizen information, location and severity of incidents to decide the appropriate form of action.

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Carlos Daniel Sánchez Ramírez
CTO at @Bacab, programmer in my free time {scala, JS, python, etc} and @Ctzen inc. co-founder. Analyzing, constructing, looking for a great momentum. (YCF2)
Daniel Marulanda
Passionate about leading teams to create things that may improve people's life. Check my resumé @
Juan Felipe Mejía Guerra
I have experience with recent and advanced technologies like React JS etc. I'm an Active member in communities of development like Medellín JS.
Jonathan Vallejo
Software Engineer at LendingFront

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