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Cryptocurrency hedge fund - Various positions at CryptoAi

Japan, Remote · Cofounder

CryptoAi is centered around capturing value from the growing cryptocurrency sector. To do this, we’re operating a proprietary, in house hedge fund, as well releasing high demand SaaS apps for traders. Our team has a wealth of experience ranging from discretionary trading, quantitative trading systems and computer sciences.

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Job Description

CryptoAi is looking for additional members to join it's team. Our fund aims to trade a diverse range of strategies ranging from discretionary trading to automated quantitative strategies, trading across a broad range of cryptocurrency markets. The fund currently has $250,000 of funding with an additional $2million to be given after completion / running criteria are met.

Phase 1 one of the fund is almost completed which includes developing exchange middleware/database and zipline integration.
Our currently system design:

Current Stack
Exchange/Market REST API - Flask/MongoDB/Heroku
Quantitive Strategy Development - Python [Zipline/Numpy/Pandas/Scipy]
Asset Management Applications- Flask/Django/JavaScript
Project management - Slack/github

Our team is composed of 6 active members and 2 advisers, we have degrees ranging in CS, engineering, finance and physics, our team has expertise in:
- Quantitative strategies
- Hedge fund backends
- Backtesting
- Discretionary trading

We are seeking new members to build upon the fund's current man power and add additional expertise. Areas we're interested in:

NLP modelling / machine learning
Trading system design - OMS / EMS
Portfolio management
Fundamental analysis - ICO investments, coin dev team / project assessment etc
Macro analysis - market cap data, coin grouping / correlations, global adoption
Blockchain analytics - Collecting / analysing network data (network hash / difficulty etc)
Hedge fund management / project planning

All members receive a share of the fund however an internal incentive structure has recently been introduced where by core components of the system are tagged with bounties which are issued upon completion.

The 'areas of interest' above are ones which we feel the team is lacking, we are also looking for coders in general to fill various bounties for side projects, additionally if you feel you contribute in another way please feel free to apply.

N.B we are getting a lot of responses recently due to the growing interest in crypto currency, to make the recruitment process smoother please attach your CV or a short bio / why you're interested.

Dave - Co-founder

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