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Crunchbase is the premier destination for discovering industry trends, investments, and news about hundreds of thousands of companies globally. From startups to Fortune 500s, Crunchbase is recognized as the primary source of company intelligence by millions of users globally.

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First, solve the problem. Then, write the code. - Johnson

Engineering at Crunchbase
Our Mission
It’s nearly impossible to find an authoritative source of truth about companies that is both always up-to-date and freely available. Our mission is to continue building the largest high-quality, live, openly editable and accessible dataset of company and people information in the world -- and to build a delightful product with slick, easy-to-use APIs around that dataset.

We love building enjoyable user experiences, complex data schemata, APIs, and scalable systems that support tens of millions of interactions per day. Our team is a group of highly skilled engineers working on formidable problems throughout the stack.

How We Operate
We have a flexible model for team organization at Crunchbase, centered around the principles of agile software development, allowing us to fluidly adapt to new requirements and situations as they arise. We tend towards two main types of teams:

• Feature-oriented teams:operate independently and own their projects from cradle to grave, building everything they need to execute. While they don't necessarily have to do all the work themselves, it's their responsibility to make sure the business needs are met all the way into production.
• Function-oriented teams: provide support to feature teams and have deeper expertise on particular parts of the stack. It's their responsibility to build platforms that are so good the other teams want to use them, rather than being forced into it.

We also ship code as early as we possibly can; getting betas into customer hands is a top priority. Our goal is to tune our process to customer needs as efficiently and quickly as possible. Crunchbase is built with a variety of tools - a core part of our engineering philosophy is to use the right tool for the job:
• Ruby, Scala, Java
• Node.js, Angular.js, Typescript
• Redis, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch
• Git, Nginx, Docker, NewRelic, Jenkins
• AWS - EC2, ELB, VPC, S3, R53, RDS, SQS, etc.

Dev Ops Engineering at Crunchbase
Our developer operations engineering team is responsible for building and running the platforms that the rest of our engineers build on top of. They also help ensure the reliability of our production infrastructure. Our philosophy on software engineering includes end-to-end ownership, meaning product teams own their solutions all the way into production. Dev Ops is about enabling that process and building tools that make it simple, easy and fun for product engineers to get their code live as quickly as possible. We want our engineers to fish for themselves. The responsibilities of dev ops engineers at Crunchbase include:
• Architect and implement continuous integration systems, build and deployment pipelines, production monitoring tools, and high scale web services clusters.
• Create zero-downtime migration and deployment procedures enabling high availability.
• Execute security audits and act as a guardian of both user and company data.
• Guide product engineering teams towards creating easily maintainable, deployable, accessible and available systems.
• Thrive in a highly variable working environment - regularly shift from project to project in a continuous effort to improve the state of our development and production ecosystem.
• Help us achieve our goal of creating a continuously deliverable system.

• Solid understanding of computer science and software engineering fundamentals.
• Motivated to participate in ongoing learning and growth through pair programming, code reviews, application of new technologies and best practices.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Familiarity with tools we presently use is a plus, but not required -- if you know something better, we may use that instead!

What Crunchbase offers
• Competitive salary and equity
• A team of creative, transparent entrepreneurs driven to accomplish our mission
• Daily catered lunches
• Fitness reimbursement (to work off the catered lunches)
• Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO) -- we don't track vacation days
• Incredible medical, vision and dental benefits for employees and their families
• 401(k) and Roth plans, and free annual financial adviser check-in
• Free One Medical Group membership for employees and their families
• Commuter benefits program
• Free UberX rides anywhere in the Bay Area after late nights at the office
• Prime location in the SoMa district of SF, near CalTrain, and Muni stops
• Company and team offsites, retreats, events and happy hours

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Crunchbase is the destination for discovering industry trends, investments, and news about hundreds of thousands of public and private companies globally. From startups to Fortune 500s, Crunchbase provides a business information platform that pairs powerful tools and applications to stay competitive and successful.

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