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Geo-Fenced Media Platform

The timing is right for this type of geolocation play; with the right team, this concept has the potential to scale very rapidly.

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What We're Building

With companies like McDonalds using iBeacon successfully, 2017 promises to be the dawn of push-personalized marketing. Will a person download every app from every store in the mall? No, they need one app that consolidates their preferences. Crumz is that App!

Crumz is a Geolocation Media Sharing app that allows users to:
Create and store short video messages for their network (or set as public). Users then geofence the message by either pinning it to their current location or setting multiple locations for it to live.  Once the video is pinned and the geofence size defined, it loads when a friend crosses into the geofenced area.

Location Specific Content from People you Follow


Marketing: User Acclimation = Trusted Message Delivery (only people/interests you follow can push messages) - Think Influencers Driving their followers to XYZ

Honey Do Reminders, Scavenger Hunts/Extra Credit Fact Hunts, Contests, Instructions and Games -confined only by the imagination.

CRUMZ Geolocation
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Crumz Team

James B. Di Rubbio
James B. Di Rubbio CRUMZ Cofounder Srong Public Speaker~Decade in Sales~B.S. Accounting B.S. Information System & Operations MGMT. Goals: Radical Disruption
Roger Ramia
Accomplished full stack / open source developer with MBA and top tier hedgefund experience, interested in innovative financial tech and bitcoin startups.
Larry Parnes
I am a long time server developer who would rather do Android development, or both.
Dan Coughlin
Senior iOS Developer with Swift and Objective-C experience. Additionally, I have worked as a Solutions Architect and Technical Lead on many platforms.

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