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The first professional fantasy sports league – owned by the public, managed by experts.

CrownThrown, Inc. is building a democratized sports franchise ownership platform. We’re providing a classic ownership and investment vehicle that enables fans to share in the financial success of a sports franchise. Our flagship league, The Crown League, will be a national fantasy football league that will launch in September 2019. Our vision is to branch out to other fantasy sports (NBA, MLB, etc.), eSports and traditional sports in the future. The technical challenge will be to build a platform that will simultaneously support our flagship league and be able to ramp up future leagues as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

What We're Building

The Crown League is democratizing pro sports ownership by unifying the fragmented fantasy sports market into a professionally managed, national league, whose teams are fractionally owned and influenced by the public.

Jobs at The Crown League

The Crown League Team

Mike Ouye
COO @The Crown League VP Growth @FunPlus. Formerly CEO of @red-robot-labs-4. Formerly led Monetization / Revenue for @Playdom and @Crowdstar.
Mike Jimenez
CTO @The Crown League CTO @Keaton Row Co-Founder & CTO @Bionic Panda Games.  VP of Engineering @Serious Business Chief Architect @Cybersource
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The Crown League Investors

Shaun Sheikh
Shaun Sheikh is CEO of the award winning the Jump 450 Media. He is a highly successful entrepreneur in the digital marketing arena and is a Forbes 30 U 30.