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Country Chapter Lead - Partner at Crowd Angels

Dublin, Remote · Cofounder

At Crowd Angels we tap into people's natural desire to help each other. We are looking to build our company around a team with a can do, pioneer attitude.

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Job Description

Crowd Angels wants to scale and scale fast. We are looking for people that want to invest in building local chapters around the world.

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What We're Building

Would it be easier to get 100 € from you or 15 minutes of your time? Do you believe in paying it forward?

Crowd Angels starts with that question to take a radical a new look to crowdfunding.

1. On Crowd Angels you ask the community contributions you actually need, and for funding to close the gap. That crowdfunding and crowd sourcing combination we call Omnisourcing (TM)

2. We work are B2B2C. Crowd Angels goes to market via accelerators, incubators, non-profits, coaches who support their own ecosystem.

3. Crowd Angels is available as cloud based Platform as a Service (PaaS). Projects are hosted on or available as whitelabel sites.

4. We are reward agnostic: we support equity fuding, rewards, peer lending, patronage, ...

5. Omnisourcing is patent pending.

Crowd Angels as "social" FinTech platform is the only platform that can manage non-monetary community contributions as well as traditional funds.

Upcoming: Jewel in a Box Hong Kong, Robotschool, Makerfair BXL.

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