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Crossing Minds

Product Designer at Crossing Minds

San Francisco · Full Time

At Crossing Minds we are building a future where AI-powered software helps maximize human happiness. Currently, we are creating the continuous recommendation experience that provides personalized recommendations for all the things you love but haven’t discovered yet.

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Job Description

Role Description 

We are seeking a wonderful human who wants to support every aspect of design at our company through the development of the look and feel of our products and brands. The role will constitute branding, marketing, UI, and any other visual design needs we might have.

Our company, Crossing Minds, incubates artificial intelligence products and services, enriching the human experience using deep learning. Our first product is a universal recommendation engine that maps taste across categories (music, movies, games, etc.) to help find more of what you love. Through our website, app, and messenger experiences, our product syncs with other platforms to serve as a cultural home and launchpad for personal exploration. We are a seed-stage start-up backed by Index Ventures, Sound Ventures, and Stanford’s StartX Accelerator.


- Work closely with our product manager, visual designer, and the creative director to define our brand as well as the look feel of our product which is at the intersection of recommendations and artificial intelligence
- Craft and support the development of the brand identity and marketing materials of the our product.

- Support the development of the designs for our product’s web, iOS, and Android platforms 

- Create a UX experience unique and game changing
- Collaborate and build together with Crossing Minds team members 

- Contribute to a positive and empowering company culture

Skills And Qualifications 

- 2+ years working experience
-Portfolio demonstrating professional (shipped/released titles) and personal work demonstrating strong conceptual designs and modern sense for aesthetics. 

- Understanding of file preparation requirements and platform-specific considerations for both desktop and mobile 

- Proficient in Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator 
-Delivers highly-resolved works with an ability to stay within the brand and articulate design intentions

- Can self manage or work with minimal supervision 

- Motion design a plus 

- BA in pertinent field a plus

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What We're Building

Crossing Minds is a web platform, mobile app and API capable of recommending simultaneously to the same user products ranging from books, music, movies, TV-shows, to travel destinations.

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