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Content Writer (Part-time, Remote) at CrewFire

United States, Remote · Contract
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Job Description

CrewFire is hiring a Content Writer to work directly with our Director of Marketing to execute to lead content creation & copywriting efforts.

This is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor of an exciting, high-growth startup, starting on a per-word basis, with the potential to grow into a full-time position as we grow our content division.


The Role: Content Writer

The Content Writer will have one primary objective: write content that educates, informs, and sells.

Our core marketing strategy will be built around different forms of written content. Thus, as our Content Writer, you will be responsible for the creation of:

• Blog Posts
• Emails
• Guides & E-Books
• Guest Posts
• Lead Magnets & PDFs
• White Papers
• Case Studies
• Landing Pages
• Ad Copy


Who We’re Looking For

You’re an experienced, passionate, and efficient writer with a strong interest and understanding of business, marketing, management, startups, and social media.

You’re organized, and are an enthusiastic self-learner and self-motivator, with (obviously) exceptional writing and communication abilities.

Personality (Required)

Positive and enthusiastic (life is too short to work with assholes)
Strong, consistent work ethic
Exceptional written communication
Passionate and knowledgeable about marketing and business
Life-long learner
Self-motivated, organized, self-managing



This Content Writer role will start off at $0.10/word, with the opportunity to quickly grow into a full time position (salary + bonuses),



Our team works remotely, but most of us are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We would prefer to work someone in HCMC, but are open to working with candidates from around the world. If you’re global/remote, we’ll request at least 4-5 hours per week of overlapping work time with Vietnam so you can sync with our Director of Marketing to talk strategy, ideas, etc…



Apply here:

We will review all the applications, and will select a handful of the strongest applicants for interviews.

The top 2-3 interview candidates will be selected to do a (paid) test project. From there, we’ll select the highest performing candidate to join the team on a per-word basis.

Sound good? If so, then send us an application. We can’t wait to meet you.


About CrewFire

CrewFire is a word-of-mouth marketing platform for businesses.

With CrewFire, businesses can drive word-of-mouth and spark viral posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, by turning their audience (fans, customers, and employees) into social media brand advocates.

These advocates earn points for sharing brand-related content, which they can exchange for perks, rewards, commissions, and other incentives.

Just a year since launching, CrewFire has already helped our customers manage over 5,000 ambassadors, who’ve created over 65,000 social media posts, reaching over 9M+ impressions on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We’re 100% bootstrapped and profitable, with a small, tight team of 6 full-time team members, based mostly in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (though we work remotely).

Our mission is to help businesses grow, build a product that delights and delivers value for our customers, and build a company culture that’s rewarding and enjoyable for our team.


Website: &


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What We're Building

CrewFire is a social media brand ambassador platform.

With CrewFire, brands can drive word-of-mouth and spark viral posts on social media, by turning their fans, customers, and audience into brand champions.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

CrewFire Team

Alan VanToai
Co-Founder of CrewFire: Amplify Your Voice on Twitter and Facebook.
Michael McCabe
Co-Founder of CrewFire: Amplify Your Voice on Twitter and Facebook.
Alex Andrade-Walz
Full-funnel marketer focused on driving revenue, earning customer love, and building beautiful brands. Currently leading marketing at Spatially.
Jeffrey Patch
Community Management and Social Media Specialist. Music Industry enthusiast, guitar aficionado, and pickup basketball junkie.