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Medical Credentialing, Simplified

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We are laser-focused on improving healthcare infrastructure with revolutionary technology.

Jobs at CredSimple

CredSimple Team

Mike Simmons
Strong enterprise software & process automation background(@SAP America) • MBA @JHUCarey • Founder CredSimple & • interest in healthIT
Garry Choy
Physician / Radiologist with interest in #HealthIT, #mHealth, #hcsm, and #GlobalHealth @ Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Jason Morganson
I am… – a dedicated leader who leads by example. – a passionate professional with years of experience managing teams. – an entrepreneur at heart.
Jonathan Gonzalez Ortiz
5+ Years of leading successful Account Management and Customer Support teams for some of NYC top start ups.
Merrill Csuri
What motivates my work is helping people live their joy and be their authentic selves.
Chris Basil
Worked at CredSimple. Went to Cornell University
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CredSimple Investors

Bert Navarrete
Entrepreneur, Investor Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Beta Bridge Capital and Tigerlabs
Kevin Mahaffey
Founder/CTO @Lookout. Engineer, entrepreneur, investor, hacker, snowboarder, struggling artist, kitesurfer
Charles Huang
CRM/AdTech startup. Health/tech angel investor/adviser. Mentor at @BlueprintHealth & @StartupHealth. ExPE Ops @Blackstone. ExVC @SparkCapital. HBS case writer.
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