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Customer Success Manager at Creative Market

Remote, San Francisco Bay Area, Remote · Full Time

Help independent creators make a living doing what they love! Every year, millions of customers use Creative Market to bring their creative projects to life with ready-to-use design content from independent creators around the world. Join the team to help us build the world's marketplace for design, and your work will impact millions every month.

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Job Description

As the founding member of the Customer Success Team for a new initiative we’re launching in 2018, you will pioneer the team’s best practices, systems, and processes. While initially much of the work you do will be very hands-on, the playbook you develop will enable us to grow into a lean team that uses data and automation to create meaningful interactions.

- Articulate Creative Market’s value proposition when responding to customers via chat, email, or phone.
- Lead customers through the lifecycle by supporting on-boarding, help requests, and renewals.
- Use a consultative, needs-based selling approach to guide customers to the right products and licenses for their use cases.
Identify opportunities for growth and expansion by uncovering new use cases for customers.
- Distill actionable learnings back to senior leadership to support the improvement of our user flows and product.
- Actively monitor customer health and retention, and report on overall health metrics and retention trends.
- Work closely with cross functional teams on retention, product, and marketing efforts.

About You
- High Care & Low Ego: You authentically care about the world and team around you, and always look for ways to impact the common good. You approach your work without ego and focus on the success of the team.
- Entrepreneurial: You are self-driven with the mentality of an entrepreneur. Your goals and personal integrity are your North Star. Ambiguity doesn’t scare you because you actively think outside the box to solve problems creatively and strategically.
- Growth Mindset: You believe that talent can be developed and honed by dedicated work and focus. You aren’t afraid to be wrong and seek first to learn and listen. You see each small task as an opportunity to learn more about our users, the business, the product, the team, and yourself.
- Communicative: You have great listening and empathy skills. You can take in others’ ideas and express your thoughts well via written, phone, video, and in-person communication.
- Detail-Oriented: You can quickly pick up on trends and patterns of behavior. You understand how the small things fit into the big picture and can easily make the connections.
- Analytical: You are comfortable with data and how to analyze it. You rely on it to get to the truth of a matter and understand customer behavior and needs.

Bonus Points For:
- You’re a maker or a member of the Creative Market community.
- You have experience working at an agency, marketplace, or design asset site, or have an understanding of creative licensing.
- You have experience working in a startup environment.

If this sounds like you, and you have experience working on the support, success, or sales team for a B2B product, then we'd love to talk to you!

Creative Market actively encourages applicants from all backgrounds, races, gender identities, and orientations, because we believe that diversity makes for better companies.

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What We're Building

Creative Market is building the world’s marketplace for design, to help everyone bring their creative projects to life. We've quickly grown to 26k+ independent creators selling 2 million+ pre-made digital assets (like fonts, graphics, photos and more) to a community of 4.5 million+ members, helping them complete creative projects ranging from custom wedding invitations to national marketing campaigns.

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