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Start your own subscription business

Cratejoy is the one-stop destination for all things subscription box. Where you subscribe to what you love, and sell what you’re passionate about. Read More
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What We're Building

Cratejoy is the only platform that is enabling subscription commerce to a broad market. Cratejoy’s aim is to make subscription as accessible as ebay or etsy make ecommerce today. Our vision is to bring the best business model in the universe to everyone on the planet.

There’s 3 pieces to that vision.

The first is our subscription commerce platform. There was no consensus for how to run a subscription business. We had to design those tools and build them. We have done it in a way that is accessible to the average online merchant.

The next piece is education. We built subscription school which is a free education site we run. Our team has deep subscription commerce expertise. We write articles, post videos and host webinars to teach people how to run subscription businesses.

Finally, we’ve built the marketplace. This is a consumer destination site that sells subscriptions. Consumers arrive at Cratejoy and subscribe to our merchants. We cross-sell additional subscriptions to them.

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Cratejoy Team

Amir Elaguizy
Y Combinator Alum - Founder @Cratejoy • Founded MarketZero, Inc - Sold to Zynga • Worked at @Zynga • Studied at @University of Iowa
Alex Morse
Chief Technical Omnivore. Photographer, designer, philosopher-king. Fascinated by learning how things work, and making them work better... including people.
Tolu Babalola
Head of Growth at Cratejoy. Strong marketing background with a penchant for creative campaigns.
Josh Dover
Software at @Cratejoy previously at @Google, @Mozilla.
Nick Mitchinson
Backend/Site Reliability Engineer. Previously @Cratejoy. Waterloo Computer Science Grad.
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What is your office environment like?
We're located at the corner of 8th and Brazos in downtown Austin. The office is a large space with lots of side rooms and common areas. There are bright colors on the wall, a full arcade machine, a lounge area with TVs and darts. We have a big kitchen that is fully stocked at all times.
Amir Elaguizy
Founder at Cratejoy

Cratejoy Investors

Jonathan Coon
Founder/CEO 1-800 CONTACTS, sold for $900 million, inventor, investor, made Napoleon Dynamite with my brother (he produced and edited in Final Cut on his Mac)
Andrew Eye
CEO/Founder - Boxer, COO/Founder @Ciphent (Acq @Accuvant), 2010 Inc. 500 16th Fastest Growing Company In America
Ryan Pitylak
Executive @Profitfuel (sold to @Yodle). Founded @Unique Influence. MBA @Texas
Christopher Kile
Managing Partner, Cofounder of Zeno Ventures. Board Member, Cofounder of ACE & Company
Josh Kerr
Startups at Amazon Web Services. Founding Venture Partner at NextGen. Co-founder of @Zosh, sold to @Hightail. Partner at @capital-factory, mentor at @Techstars
Richard Ginsberg
VP of Eng @Guidepoint, Early Stage Advisor and Investor
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