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Tech meets Wall St: Venture Capital, Direct Lending and Cryptocurrency Asset Management

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What We're Building

CoVenture operates at the intersection of technology and capital markets. CoVenture has three businesses: Venture Capital, Direct Lending and Cryptocurrency. Our team consists of five partners as well as 40 engineers with full stack web, mobile and UI/UX capabilities. We are backed by SBI Holdings, a large publicly traded financial institution and over 150 senior financial executives.

The pre-seed and seed Venture Capital group both invests and helps founders design and build their first or second product release in exchange for equity. We invest in founders who hold deep domain expertise.

The Direct Lending group provides debt financing to lending startups. We look for companies that use technology to enable a new type of loan and seek to partner with those companies over the long-term.

The Cryptocurrency group has launched an Index fund and is launching actively managed strategies.

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CoVenture Team

Ali Hamed
Entrepreneur & Managing Partner @CoVenture | Fan of Cornell Tech | Fan/Alumn of Dorm Room Fund | Blogger on @Medium
Jamil Goheer
Cofounder and General Partner Coventure
Thatcher Bell
Thatcher is a Partner at CoVenture, a pre-seed venture capital firm with a software development team.
Michael Beller
General Partner, CoVenture
Nikhil Kalghatgi
CIO and GP of CoVenture Crypto, a cryptocurrency asset management firm with index funds, hedge funds and more.
Brian Stuckey
Principal at CoVenture
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CoVenture Investors

Michael Beller
General Partner, CoVenture
Thomas Wisniewski
Early stage investor and start-up advisor. Co-manager of RosePaul Investments, a family office.
Matt Humphrey
Co-Founder & CEO of LendingHome Built 8 companies since 2004 Invested in 100+ startups
Howie Schwartz
CEO and Co-founder of Serial entrepreneur and an active Angel Investor and Venture Capital Fund investor in early stage technology companies.
Randy Brandoff
Experienced entrepreneur, operator, investor and advisor to innovative businesses
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